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Empowering Volunteers. Impacting Communities.

Here at Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa, our mission is to empower professionals in the field of volunteer management by providing education, networking and support. Our purpose is to develop the professional goals and skills of volunteer managers and to be a resource for connection and growth among members, volunteer organizations and the public.


Do you sometimes feel alone as a volunteer manager? The VMCI Network reaches your colleagues across Central Iowa and even to other DOVIA chapters in the country, bringing together like-minded, dedicated professionals.


Employment Opportunities


Committing to a professional organization demonstrates your passion for volunteer engagement.  Membership to VMCI comes with a lot of incredible benefits, connecting you to a vibrant volunteer manager community.

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Whether you need to maximize new technologies, embrace the future of volunteer engagement, or learn the basics of recruitment, recognition and retention, you are certain to find something that will help develop you, your volunteers, and your program to their fullest potential.

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